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These loans allow borrowers to pay back monthly. They are designed so that you pay a small amount at regular intervals. The advantage is your wallet will be less stretched beyond your means.

For example, you can borrow one via These are less widespread compared to payday loans. If you have been searching for one unsuccessfully, you have finally come to the right place!

If you want an installment loan, do not mistake it for payday loans which have tight deadlines under 30 days. The former allow you to borrow more money above 1000 dollars. The approval is usually as fast as the same day, so you can get one and use the money for any emergencies in life.

There are several important factors to decide whether you can qualify for an installment loan. For e.g., your credit score, income, existing debts, the amount to be borrowed etc. Do not expect to get a big loan if you have bad credit and earn less than $2000.

How To Get An Installment Loan Online

Just fill a simple request form on and connect with a lender now. Verifying your information takes seconds since everything is computerized. If everything is okay, you may be shown an actual loan offer immediately.

If you complete the entire loan transaction by 4 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on a Monday to Friday (non-holiday), the funds can be available in your bank account as soon as the next business day. This is a very fast way to borrow money, so that you can quickly use it to solve your financial troubles.

Alternative Places For Bad Credit Installment Loans

Banks and traditional finance companies offer such loans but the criteria is quite tough. If you have bad credit, you are better off looking for lenders online. While these are easy approval, they come with a heavy price. The rates are quite expensive.

short term installment loans Aside from unsecured installment loans, you can choose to use your car for a title loan. This requires collateral so if you cannot pay back, the lenders can repossess your car and sell it to offset the owed balance. This sounds like a grave scenario so why would people still want to use title loans? The loan terms are usually better since collateral is involved.

Online installment loans have similar criteria with the common payday loans. The lenders do not require any collateral or co-signer to qualify for one. You do need to show proof of steady income, so that the lenders are assured that you have the means to pay back as scheduled. Unfortunately, the tradeoff is rather high fees and rates.

At, we connect borrowers with established U.S. lenders who may offer you a loan immediately. The procedure takes just a few minutes and you can always walk away from completing it. This is a free online service available around the clock 24 hours. You can access for a loan quote from anywhere, your office or home.

Installment loan approval is based on several main criteria, not just the borrower’s credit score alone. Many people with credit problems can still borrow one today. That is because they can meet the lenders’ requirements. Primarily, they will check whether you can pay back the loan plus fees or not.

Check out a few different lenders to make sure the fees, terms and conditions are similar. You do not want to become a victim of predatory loans.


Besides the lenders checking your financial status, you should know best whether you can afford a loan or not. Do not get into debts thinking you can pay back the loans later. The accruing fees can get huge really quickly. Do your own due diligence before choosing a lender. Read the fine print to understand about the fees and payment schedule.

Let help you find a lender today.

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